What makes professional photographer so valuable? 

Professional photographers will focus on the best features of your property and make them stand out and shine…while, unlike amateur photographers just ‘show the space’, which doesn’t give the buyer any concept of space or relationship of rooms. Professional photographers make your listing stand out above the competition. Our goal is to make the potential buyer want to look at that specific property more than the others, and make the buyer to visualize themselves moving in before they even walk through the front door.

There are three factors that contribute to a property selling fast and for top dollars: staging, professional photography and pricing. Marketing the property online is the best way to reach the most people and it's also the most popular place viewers are searching. I’m seeing more and more agents and owners deciding to make that extra effort, you only have one chance to make a great first photographic impression for online viewers.


What is the main difference between amateur photography and professional photography in regards to real estate? 

There are two main differences: the first is equipment and the second is understanding how to take full advantage of that equipment. Having the skills and knowledge to utilize a DSLR camera, lighting, and lens is going to give a much better result than a point and shoot, or even worse, a camera phone.  The right equipment and technical skills of professional photography are far away from the point-and-shoot approach.

While having the best gear is a great start, it means little if you can’t use that equipment to its full advantage. That comes with training and experience. Being able to take that camera off auto and manipulate every aspect of the space and light really brings your photos to the next level and makes them ‘pop’ much more.

While photo editing skills are key in post-processing, it means little if the original image isn’t good to start with. Another big difference I see online is the overall composition and choosing how we are going to create a visually interesting image while keeping it informative at the same time…we want beautiful images but we also want them to convey the best aspects of the property to help it sell faster or rent more often.