How photos work for the Home Seller

  • The Photograph is almost always the first elements in any ad that connects with the buyer. It is the handshake, the first impression,  the marketing tool to capture the buyer's attention.
  • Listings of homes with photos taken by professionals have about 61% more views than listings without
  • Multiple studies have shown that homes marketed with professional real estate photography can pay off in more showings, quicker sales and even better pricing.

How photos work for the Real Estate Agent

 As a real estate agent there are compelling reasons for using great photography to present a listing:

  • The home seller will be pleased how you are presenting their property.
  • It’s a well-established fact that great photos and marketing materials are a way to sell listing quickly and get more listings.
  • Neighbors of the listing property watch carefully how a property is marketed, if they like what they see, they will ask the agent to list their property when the time comes to sell.
  • If there is competition for a listing, the commitment of professionally done photography and marketing materials can help win the listing.

The listing agent is the marketing expert in charge of selling a client’s property and it is important they understand the way marketing photos work so they can use photography to the maximum benefit.

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