Elevated Photography

Not all properties have a perfect view from the street, various things can be in the way that blocks the view of the home, things like landscaping and fencing can make it difficult for buyers to see the front of the property. Pole aerial photography allows us to put our camera higher up in the sky to be more eye level with the property. Additionally, viewers are able to see features behind the house like sea, river, lakes, forest, pools and more. They are a wonderful way to showcase your property.

West Bay Club in Bonita Springs FloridaWest Bay Club in Bonita Springs Florida

West Bay Club in Bonita Springs FloridaWest Bay Club in Bonita Springs Florida

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Elevated photography is the process of taking aerial photos using a telescoping pole or mast to emulate aerial photographs.

We are able to raise the camera up to 27 feet and control the camera remotely, take images at different angles and heights that probably never seen from that property.

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BHD_9961BHD_9961Braulio Hernandez brauliohdez@yahoo Elevated photographs are not restricted to taking photos from the street; photos can be taken from most locations around the typical residential home with our portable elevating mast.

Elevated photographs also commonly known as high-level photography and mast photography requires special equipment to carry out elevated photography safely and professionally.

BHD_4679BHD_4679Braulio Hernandez brauliohdez@yahoo Tarpon-Point-Marina BHD_0056Tarpon-Point-Marina BHD_0056Braulio Hernandez brauliohdez@yahoo Gateway Gulf Curse and Country Club, Fort Myers, FLGateway Gulf Curse and Country Club, Fort Myers, FLBraulio Hernandez brauliohdez@yahoo