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               How Professional Photography Attract Buyers? 

The following stories are typical examples of how professional photography attracts buyers to your listings:

An agent contacted me to take photos of her listing. When we arrived at the property, we encountered a challenge. The lawn surrounding the home lacked curb appeal.

As you will see from the photos below, the lawn was not in good condition. As photographer one cannot change the condition of the lawn with software. The photographer and agent typically have a legal responsibility to make sure that the marketing material does not misrepresent the property being sold. No only is it unethical, it's frustrating for buyers and agents visiting the home to discover the property to be far different than advertised.

In addition, some agents post dozens of photos while others are more selective, allowing more time to capture the best shots and making the home more attractive to buyers searching online. This listing is also a reliable example of how just 15 professional photographs can make a marketing impact over 25 unprofessional photos.

The property sold over asking price, received multiple offers and was under contract in just 8 days on market after using professional photos, bringing the original ask price of $234,900 to a sold price of $235,500.

It's undeniable fact that Professional Photography played an important role in attracting buyers to this property. 


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The following listing is another example where professional photos of the property resulted in multiple offers in just 8 days on market after using professional photos, bringing the original ask price of $300,000 to a sold price of $302,000One of the offer was made by an out-of-state  buyer, SIGHT UNSEEN, emphasizing the impact of the professional photographs attracting buyers!


This other example is how home sellers are hiring agents because they use professional photography in their marketing, this owner just asked the agent to show him the photos used for her marketing, after he looked at some of our professional photos, owner signed the listing agreement without hesitation. 

This listing was under contract in 14 days after using professional photos.

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